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Elevating Cancer Treatment Through Personalized Care

GenesisCare Radiation Oncology Centre

The lower ground floor accommodates LINAC bunkers for radiation therapy, ancillary services, storage facilities, and ambulance bays for patient transfers. The Nursing Station serves as a central hub for medical staff coordination, facilitating seamless communication and patient care. The Ground Floor of GenesisCare houses an array of advanced facilities tailored to provide cutting-edge cancer care. The Nuclear Medicine and Theranostics Treatment Areas offers targeted and personalized treatment options.  The floor features a Dedicated Reception, creating a warm and welcoming space for both visitors and patients entering the facility.

Specialized Injection Rooms cater to uptake injections, contributing to the precision of medical procedures. Additionally, the Diagnostic and Treatment Labs on this floor play a pivotal role in the handling and storage of radiation isotopes, supporting the facility’s diagnostic capabilities. A versatile Stress Test/Consulting Room serves as a multi-functional space, facilitating comprehensive care and supporting SPECT treatment procedures.

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